Mild Steel Conveyor Wheels

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Skatewheels are a popular choice in conveyor bends or in live storage racking installations. Unless you specifically need gaps in a straight conveyor (for instance, to let soil fall through), then skatewheel conveyors have little advantage for the extra cost. Their main advantage is that when used in bends, they give almost the same performance as tapered rollers but at a fraction of the cost.

Properly specified tapered rollers allow each point of the width of the goods conveyed to travel at the correct speed to keep the orientation of the goods around the bend. If you place the package squarely on the beginning of the bend, it will come off squarely. This will not happen with parallel rollers as the inside edge of the box will travel at the same speed as the outer edge - thus covering the same distance in a given time not the greater circumferential distance at a greater radius.

Because skatewheels can turn independently of their neighbour, this difference in tangential speed is possible and hence the box orientation is retained.

Wheels must only be used on packages with a rigid base otherwise they will not work successfully.



A hard working and robust 48 mm diameter mild steel wheel with a single caged ball race of carbon chrome steel ball bearings, finished in bright zinc plated finish. Will take more abuse than the plastic types.

Option 1
A = 1.937" B = 0.250" C = 0.625" D = 0.157" load rating = 40 lbs

Option 2
A = 1.937" B = 0.312" C = 0.625" D = 0.157" load rating = 50 lbs

Option 3
A = 1.5" B = 0.250" C = 0.500" D = 0.125" load rating = 35 lbs